Downsizing Bayer pattern based images
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Subject Flawed comparison, I believe...
Posted by Leon Wittwer [CLICK FOR PROFILE]
Date/Time 1:39:04 AM, Saturday, September 22, 2007 (GMT)
I think you expected that the downsizing to reduce the information in the image. In reality, Bayer pattern based images have about half the resolution of a theoretical sensor that measured red, green and blue at every pixel location. (That is why most say that it takes about twice as many Bayer pixels to get the same resolving power as the Fovean sensor.) Thus, the 21 mp Bayer image has about as much detail as a 10.5 mp sensor with red, green and blue measures at each location. The downsized image is, for the most part, equivalent to an image with red, green and blue at each location. Since the 12 mp is above 10.5 mp, the downsizing did not reduce any significant information as there was none above about 10.5 mp to begin with. This "little detail" is generally true of all Bayer sensors. The D3 sensor image can be downsized to about 6 mp before you begin to destroy information.


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